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ForSale: F.S. H.W. 100 in .177 in highly customized F.T. stock. (Reduced)

Ad#: 153565
Name: Chris Martin
Email: [email protected]
Date: 2017-12-06 19:39:06

ForSale: Custom H.W. 100 in .177 with new air tube, 3 magazines, exceptional barrel, and a customized stock that includes a Morgan fitted adjustable butt pad, adjustable height cheek comb, custom muzzle break, front accessory rail, and a combat black Dura-Coat finish. Scope, mounts and hamster not included. This gun was originally one of two that had exceptional barrels and I was given my choice and after shooting them both I chose this one. It was originally in a GinB stock that I thought made the whole rig too top heavy so I customized this factory stock to my liking. Rifle is in excellent shape although I found a light film of surface rust on the barrel when I took it out of the safe yesterday. Rem-oil wiped it away. (Very light but want to disclose this. Do not replace this barrel!!) This was my Open field Target rig for the last couple of years but I have now moved to H.F.T. due to the fact that I can't get down that low anymore. The numbers on this rig look like this: H.W. 100 $1219.00 (They were more when I bought this.) 2 extra mags $ 80.00 Morgan Pad $ 60.00 Stock work $ 300.00 Dura Coat $ 70.00. TOTAL: $1,729.00 Priced for quick sale at $1,165.00 shipped insured to conus where legal. Contact me at cmartin at brakebush dot com  

Asking Price: $0


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