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The American Airguns website accepts banner advertising. This website averages 3500-4000 visits each day by people specifically interested in airguns and related accesories. Increase your companies exposure everyday by advertising on this page.

Ads will cost $25 per month and can be billed on a quarterly or yearly basis. The income from these ads is used to cover the cost of running this site, which is just a hobby for me. Ads will be places on all major pages on this site. The ads displayed on each pages will be randomly selected from the paying advertisers each time the page is loaded into a browser. This willl ensure equal exposure for all advertisers.

Ads will be restricted to airgun releated items. Currently only the standard internet banner ads are accepted but plans for the future may include pennant ads to be placed in the margins on the classified ads page. Banner ad size information is listed below. Development of the ads will be the advertisors responsibility and may be changed monthly.



Banner Advertisement Specifics

Banner Ad Size: 400 pixels X 80 pixels (15.0K maximum size)

Formats Accepted: .gif .jpg .png
Pixels: 72 dpi
Colors: 256 max (128 recommended)
Background: Transparency encouraged on tiles (background hex color #FFFFFF)

Cost: $25 per month, billed quarterly or yearly and paid in advance.


For advertising questions or additional information,
please email the webmaster


Acceptance policy: American Airguns reserves the right to review all advertising prior to publishing it on this site. We further reserve the right to restrict, reject of change the size of advertising that does not meet the above criteria or is aestheticly displeasing. We also reserve the right to refuse advertising that is not deemed to be airgun related. American Airguns reserves the right to discontinue advertising at any time and with out notice with a refund on any remaining advertising. Ads will be posted when payment is received. Advertising will be removed if payment is not received by the 5th of the month when payment due.


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