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Classified Ad Rules

Please read these rules BEFORE posting your ad.

  1. All ads are free.
  2. Non-airgun related ads are prohibited, do not post ads for paintball, airsoft, firearms, business ads, cars, etc.
  3. List all ad details in the ad, links to other classified ad or auctions sites are not allowed.
  4. For Sale items must have an asking price.
  5. No auctioning of items for sale is allowed.
  6. Ads for items on other auction sites are not allowed.
  7. Ads will be posted for approximately seven (7) days, after which time they will be deleted automatically.
  8. Commercial ads of used products may be posted on a limited basis.
  9. Commercial ads for new products or services are not allowed.
  10. Ads with excessive or all capital letters will be removed without notice.
  11. Trades should be limited to airguns and related equipment.
  12. Ads for illegal items are not allowed.
  13. Ads that are derogatory to others or use profanity will be removed without notice and will get you block from the page.
  14. Ads with user inserted html tags are not allowed.
  15. Do not post ads stating your item has been sold, delete the ad when the item sells.
  16. Posts about other ads prices, ie "Price Police" are not allowed and can get you block from the page.
  17. This page is not for asking general airgun questions or finding information, do not post questions to the page.
  18. Any ads not conforming to these rules will be deleted without notice.

*** Please limit the number of ads posted each day to 3-5 ads.
*** Posting in excess of 3-5 ads may result in the deletion of all of your ads.

Classified Ads Etiquette

  • Try to keep your ads as brief as possible.
  • Do not post ads in all capital letters or use excessive capitalization.
  • Do not use excessive characters (ex. !!!, >>>, ###, etc) to draw attention to your ad.
  • Include an asking price for all items for sale.
  • Please post only 3-5 ads a day to allow other access to the site.

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