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ForSale: RAW HM1000X .25

Ad#: 153557
Name: JoeWillie
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 978-302-9943  EST
Date: 2017-12-06 17:13:30

ForSale: Great gun Excellent condition with little use. JSB 25.4 @ aprx.910 fps very accurate. This gun also has a carbon sleeve on the barrel as well as Mod. 1 mag the SCOPE and BIPOD are not included. This gun has a Custom stock as it's stock was missing when I bought it. The stock is not as perfect as a RAW unit but has Maple and Purplewood caps as well as an adjustable Butt Pad and the Forearm bottom is flat for more stability during firing W/O a bipod therefore the very reasonable price. It also has a 10/32 thearded insert for a Bipod. This is a great shooter I just don't have the time. Please feel free to ask any questions and to get additional pics. Paypal, usps MO and bank and personal checks work, ( checks will have to clear before shipping) FX wildcat .22 or Impact .25

Asking Price: $1500 plus shipping


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